About the Faculty

The Authorities of the Faculty

Programme boards

  • Programme Board for Agriculture and Horticulture

    Curriculum Council of the Discipline of Agriculture and Horticulture for the majors of Horticulture and Plant Health for the term 2021-2024

    Dr. Marzena Wińska-Krysiak – Chairwoman of the Program Board
    Dr. Ewa Zaraś-Januszkiewicz
    Dr. Katarzyna Bączek, prof. WULS – SGGW
    Prof. Dr. Elżbieta Paduch-Cichal
    Prof. Dr. Janina Gajc-Wolska
    Dr. Ewa Mirzwa-Mróz
    Dr. Katarzyna Kowalczyk
    Dr. Julita Rabiza-Świder, prof. WULS – SGGW
    Dr. Beata Fornal
    Dr. Magdalena Pawelkowicz
    Dr. Jarosław L. Przybył
    Dr. Olga Kosakowska
    Dr. Mariola Wrochna
    Dr. Dagmara Stangierska
    Paulina Dziosa
    Bogusława Kilańczyk
    Paulina Sztajerowska
    Magdalena Rembiś
    Piotr Kociszewski

  • The Stakeholder Council

    major: Horticulture

    dr Adam Słowiński – CEO UPL Polska Sp. o.o. (SGGW graduate)
    Maciej Majewski – Fresh Mazovia owner snd CEO (SGGW graduate)
    Adam Piotrowski – Argenta Seeds representative (SGGW graduate)

    major: Plant health protection

    Łukasz Gębka – Farma Świętokrzyska CEO (SGGW graduate ), gardening practitioner, supplier of organic vegetables to discount chains
    Paweł Borkowski – Director of Development and Registration Nufarm

Student council

  • What is the Student Council of the Faculty of Horticulture?

    The the Student Council is all the people studying at the Faculty of Horticulture. So there are a lot of us, but probably not all people are interested in this type of activity. Therefore, each yearbook elects, at the beginning of October, the staroste and two members of the Council of the Year. These three then form part of the Faculty Council of the Student council (RWSS). Each year in December a new presidium is elected from among its members, which includes the chairman, deputy and member of the presidium. And in practice? The members of the Student council represent the interests of the students before the lecturers and are the liaison with the Faculty Authorities.

  • What we do?

    We make sure that studies are associated not only with science. During the academic year, we organize three regular events: departmental shakes, carnival party and a bonfire after the Days of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. We are also present at university and departmental stands during educational fairs and open days of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

    Do you have any doubts, a problem? Write to us and we will try to help you in some way.

    We want to expand the scope of our activities all the time. Do you have interesting ideas? Do you want to act for the Department while having fun? We invite you to our meetings.

    e-mail: Zarzadrwsswoib@gmail.com

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/wobiak


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